Mobilemiracle.io's services are intended for the purpose of IMEI Status check only. The IMEI Status check of phone for any other use is not the responsibility of Mobilemiracle.io. By purchasing an IMEI Status check service from Mobilemiracle.io, the buyer agrees to take full legal responsibility for their actions, use, misuse, financial gain, or transfer of the cell phone.

If an incorrect IMEI number is provided when placing an order, Mobilemiracle.io will give the wrong status information. In such a case, Mobilemiracle.io will not issue a refund as it has already paid its supplier for checking the status.

To use Mobilemiracle.io's service, the buyer must ensure that the phone model and network are compatible with the service, which is only available for GSM networks. The service is not compatible with CDMA networks, such as Verizon. It's the buyer's responsibility to verify that the phone and network meet these requirements.


If the IMEI Status check service is unsuccessful, Mobilemiracle.io will issue a full refund under the following conditions:

1. The information provided by the buyer at the time of ordering is accurate, including the IMEI number, carrier, and phone model.

2. The buyer followed the IMEI Status check instructions correctly.

3. The device is not stolen or blacklisted.

4. The device has not been previously connected to a carrier.

5. Our service will not damage the handset during the status check process.


If the IMEI Status check service does not work for the device, Mobilemiracle.io will contact the buyer to confirm the accuracy of the information provided at the time of ordering. If the information is correct, additional evidence may be required to verify the information. This evidence may include a video showing the device, the IMEI number on the sticker and on the screen. If the evidence supports the claim, Mobilemiracle.io will refund the purchase.

Before ordering IMEI Status check service from Mobilemiracle.io, the buyer must ensure the following:

1. The phone is connected to a specific carrier. If the phone does not have a valid carrier, a refund will not be provided.

2. The phone is not blacklisted or reported as lost or stolen.

3. The phone has not been hard locked by attempting too many unlock attempts.

4. The correct phone model has been selected from the list. If the model is not listed, the buyer must contact Mobilemiracle.io before placing an order.

5. You have provided the correct IMEI number and selected the original country and network of your phone, not the network you wish to use or any other network.

6. Your phone uses a GSM network. We do not support CDMA providers.

7. Do not disregard any warning messages.

If the phone is already blacklisted or reported lost or stolen, hard-locked, or locked to a CDMA network, our service will not function and a refund will not be issued.

Once an order is placed, it cannot be cancelled as we immediately start processing it upon receipt of the phone's details. Therefore, no refunds will be granted if you request cancellation of your order while it is still being processed. Contact us to inquire about the status of your order.

Duplicate orders will not receive a refund.


The delivery time estimates we provide are not guaranteed, as there may be circumstances beyond our control (such as supplier delays or equipment failures) that can cause delays. However, we will do our best to meet the estimated delivery times and keep you informed if any delays occur. We may offer a partial discount in the event of a delay. By accepting these terms and conditions, you acknowledge that the delivery time is not guaranteed.


If you haven't properly terminated your contract with your original carrier and choose to switch to a different carrier, your phone may be blacklisted by your original carrier. This blacklist is shared among carriers and takes precedence. If your phone Status can't be checked due to blacklisting, Mobilemiracle.io will not issue a refund. Please make sure you have properly terminated your contract before switching carriers.


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